Oxford Cloth – There are several different varieties of Oxford, but all are a weave in which dyed and undyed threads are woven together. This makes for a soft, hard-wearing fabric. Royal Oxford – This fabric is made the same way as Oxford, but the threads are much finer, so it feels softer and silkier […]

John Brooks, the grandson of the founder of Brooks Brothers, was attending a polo match. He noticed that the players had added buttons to their shirts to keep the collars from flapping while playing polo. The button down collar was introduced in the United States around 1900

No matter how expensive the shirt,  you won’t like it if the collar does not fit you well. When you try on a new shirt, button the top button, and you should be able to slide two fingers between your neck and the collar. The collar will shrink to its final size after four or […]

The Haberdasher comes to you – you can’t improve on that location. RDK Clothiers strives to bring superior quality mens’ clothing and exceptional service to its clientele.  I have long-term relationships with expert suppliers while also offering the best of what is new in the industry. The best part is that my store is in your home […]