The color of your belt should be darker than your suit. A dark belt is dressier than a lighter colored one.
You will get a sportier look from a light leather belt or rough grain or textured leather with dark trousers.
Crocodile, alligator and lizard are the luxury end of dress belts.

Whatever the dress code is at your place of work, put some thought into what you wear. A put-together look can send the message that you pay attention to details, in your image and in your work.

Most men wear their jacket sleeves too long. When your arm is straight down by your side, 1/4″ of your shirt cuff should show.

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Do you wear your suit jacket or sportcoat when you drive? When a customer shows me a jacket with the lining coming out at the back, the first question I ask is if he wears the jacket when he is driving. Invariably, the answer is yes. Do not wear a jacket while you are driving. […]

Center vents have a military heritage. When a man traveled on horseback, his coat was designed for comfort in the saddle and a center vent in the back permitted the tails to fall on either side of the horse. Center or side vents also make access easier to the trouser pockets As the least expensive […]