Wearing stripes and stripes, checks and checks together just
has to do with getting the right balance. The combination
can make for a distinctive look – takes a little planning, but
the end result can be tasteful.

The bow tie should not extend beyond the outer edges of your eyes
or the outside edge of the shirt collar.

Whatever the dress code is at your place of work, put some thought into what you wear. A put-together look can send the message that you pay attention to details, in your image and in your work.

The most popular shirt cuff is the one button barrel, followed by the dressier French cuff. The barrel cuff also comes in two button. The rounded or mitered cuff are variations on the barrel cuff.

The collar style of a man’s shirt can change the appearance of the whole outfit.  A button down collar is more casual than a spread collar, but a tie can certainly be worn with a button down.  There are several styles of spread collars, and this is purely a personal choice.   You can find […]

Oxford Cloth – There are several different varieties of Oxford, but all are a weave in which dyed and undyed threads are woven together. This makes for a soft, hard-wearing fabric. Royal Oxford – This fabric is made the same way as Oxford, but the threads are much finer, so it feels softer and silkier […]

John Brooks, the grandson of the founder of Brooks Brothers, was attending a polo match. He noticed that the players had added buttons to their shirts to keep the collars from flapping while playing polo. The button down collar was introduced in the United States around 1900